Terrick B'Kror

Anteater in Spaaaace!!


Race: Kubaz
Race home world: Kubindi
Role: Smuggler
Affiliations: Black Sun Crime Syndicate, Republic Law Enforcement (As an informant)
Era: Old Republic (300 years BBY)
Home world: Coruscant
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 165 lbs
Character Points: 11
Force Points: 1
Credits: 270,300

Dexterity 3d+2

  • Blaster: 5d+2
  • Dodge: 4d+2

Knowledge 4d

  • Business: 4d+1
  • Planetary Systems: 4d+1
  • Streetwise: 4d+1
  • Survival: 5d
  • Tactics: 5d

Mechanical: 4d+2

  • Space Transports: 5d+2

Perception: 4d

  • Bargain: 5d
  • Command: 5d
  • Con: 5d
  • Forgery: 5d
  • Investigation: 5d

Strength: 3d+2

  • Brawling:4d+2

Technical: 4d

  • Space Transports Repair: 5d

Terrik B’Kror was not born with the name, but only assumed it after his career in smuggling began. Terrik grew up in a traditional family creche, located in a comfortable Coruscant high rise apartment building. The family’s business was a high end restaurant specializing in Kubindi cuisine (i.e., insects) named Hive Nebula. His family’s affluence granted him the ability to pursue art studies at Coruscant’s finest university, provided that he also earn a degree in business and work for the family for three years after his education was completed. During his time in college, he received a coveted Transplanted Species Enrichment Grant, which allowed him to study under a Kubindi master painter for a year. He developed a keen eye for detail and began producing replications of various masterworks to fully grasp their technique.

His work, both replications and originals, was so precise that he was able to put on his first exhibition at a newly opened Hive Nebula restaurant/art gallery the family had opened for him to specifically manage. The exhibit opened to high acclaim, causing Terrik to become highly sought after for commissions. His work on commissions severely affected his relationship with Hive Nebula and the rest of his family. He tried to resign to focus on art, but the family threatened to sue for breach of contract. He stayed for the entirety of the time promised, but the new restaurant was a financial disaster under his deliberately negligent management.

After he left Hive Nebula, Terrik had a very hard time supporting himself under commission. He had produced some work, but was only able to sell them to an auction house for very low amounts. He finally sought work as an art evaluator with the auction firm Zarazium. He would travel through the inner rim, evaluating art for sale. At this time, his Zarazium manager, a Gran named Philo, approached him with a business proposal. Terrik would produce high quality reproductions of art that Zarazium had been hired to sell. They’d auction off the reproductions and then sell the originals in the Coruscant black market. This proved very lucrative, and they were able to keep their forgery ring going for at least a year. They added low-end smuggling to their repertoire, bringing high-end luxury foods and wines to Coruscant in crates marked as sculptures. It ended tragically, though, when Philo accidentally Black Sun Vigo Zekk Kelsar. He promised Kelsar a particularly rare painting, but got mixed up and gave him B’Kror’s forgery. Vigo Kelsar, being a rather discriminating buyer, had the painting chemically tested and found that his product was a fake. Philo was killed, but he appreciated B’Kror’s handiwork. He threatened Terrik with death unless he would come to work for Black Sun. B’Kror complied. His death was faked, his prior assets were liquidated, and he assumed the name Terrik B’Kror. It was considered better to start with a new identity, considering how prominent B’Kror’s family was in the Coruscant social scene.

At first, Terrik only focused on the creation of forgeries. But soon, Vigo Kelsar determined that B’Kror’s smuggling past and business skills would be a more profitable asset. B’Kror was assigned him to a small freighter as the booking specialist. B’Kror used his knowledge and skills to tap into high-end luxury items. While profitable, Kelsar felt that it wasn’t as lucrative. He ordered B’Kror to begin transporting drugs, primarily spice, and weapons. As a cover, B’Kror took his remaining liquid funds, purchased a light freighter (The Star Fly) set up a small-scale mobile art dealership.

He also hired his own crew, including his bodyguard, the Twi’lek Leanu. Their association, which began on a bedrock of mistrust and suspicion, at first seemed like it would be short term at best. A mutual trust developed between the two, though, and they became long-time business partners. Amongst their associates, the pair became known as the Brush and the Blade.

As owner of his own ship, B’Kror acts as a primary contractor with the Black Sun syndicate. However, Vigo Kelsar is not overly strict in exercising this exclusivity right. B’Kror is permitted to take on side contracts and passengers so long as his extra activity doesn’t dominate his time or bring attention to Black Sun’s activities. His activities are primarily centered in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, with his base of operations located on Coruscant. He has travelled extensively in Hutt Space as well as the Expansion Region, though. On occasion, Kelsar has used his prior experience and contacts on Kubindi for more delicate smuggling missions focused on the exotic insect-based cuisine. B’Kror’s skills as a forger have been beneficial to Black Sun on a number of occasions.

Although he would like to be the primary contractor for Vigo Kelsar’s smuggling, Terrik B’Kror has a bitter rivalry with another smuggler — the Gand Qyrill Xerg. At first, their rivalry was only of a professional nature. The two worked on the same freighter, and didn’t care for each other, at the beginning of B’Kror’s But it turned personal when B’Kror bought the Star-Fly and began working as a contractor. During a night of celebration, B’Kror jokingly insulted the insectoid Gand, saying that he would one day eat Xerg, cooking him in the most exotic recipe Kubindi had ever boasted. What began as a joke escalated over the years. Several times, Vigo Kelsar had to reprimand the two. It came to a head, though, when Xerg infiltrated B’Kror’s Coruscant home and defaces his personal art collection. Enraged, B’Kror went to Kelsar for permission to make good on his original joke. Kelsar refused, stating that he couldn’t afford the loss of either smuggler.

Angered by the perceived betrayal, B’Kror approached the Republic law enforcement. At first, his only intention was to see Xerg behind bars, but his plans careened out of control. Seeing an opportunity to bring down a powerful Vigo, the officials pressured B’Kror into becoming an informant and created a sting operation centering around the evidence he gathered. At this time, the investigation is ongoing. It is unclear if B’Kror is working on his own or if Leanu knows of his betrayal of the Black Sun.


  • The exact creche family of B’Kror’s origin is a mystery in during the time of the Empire. In an attempt to prevent retaliation against innocents, the Republic forced the closure of Hive Nebula and sealed all documentation of ownership and identity in official records. It is also believed that the creche returned to Kubindi.
  • A talented artist in his own right, B’Kror produced several widely acclaimed pieces of avant-garde art exploiting his species’s red light wavelength sensitivity. In the New Republic Era, Grand Admiral Thrawn considers B’Kror’s piece, Larvae Devouring My Soul, an encapsulation of the Kubaz psyche.
  • In addition to B’Kror, Terrik has used other pseudonyms for his artistic endeavors. For some time there was different camps of thought about B’Kror’s artistic work. Because he was so adverse to having his face fully seen in public after his split with his family, no one really knew what B’Kror looked like later in life. Also, the Republic erased his prior history once he entered witness protection. For a time, some scholars thought that, because of his popularity, an artistic school developed around his art. While that is most certainly true to an extent, multiple “artists” thought to have been imitators have been identified positively as being B’Kror through forensic research. Since it is the name he received the most widespread notoriety, the B’Kror name is used to identify his work.

Terrick B'Kror

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